Advice for Online Dating

Have you tried online dating? And for those that have; Are you tired of barhopping and seeing the same old group of crazy girls and/or players that you didn’t want to date last week and certainly don’t want to date this week?
Well, who hasn’t been there and done that?
And more seriously, are you trying to find that special someone in a confined space and eager to expand into a much, larger market?

If using the internet to solve this problem has crossed your mind, but you decided that it wasn’t really for you, probably because of the issues others have encountered or the problems associated with online dating.
Wait a second! Before you throw in the towel I’ve got some advice for you need to follow to achieve success in the world of online dating.

Here are Ten Successful Tips for Online Dating:

1. Be Yourself! Yes, that’s my number one, and of course, the best advice for online dating is to just be you. This is the secret of attracting the right persons and maybe that special someone. After all, you don’t want to meet people who are completely psycho and think you’re their kind of person…do you?

2. If Their Picture Looks Too Hot, Then It Probably Is! This is one of the all-time great advice for online dating; to remember that not everything that glitters is gold, and that applies to people too.

3. Eschew Making up Hobbies or Exaggerating Interests Just to Fit In or Be Liked. This is where most people fail, although it might seem like a great way to ‘fit in’ but the truth of the matter is that sooner or later you are going to be exposed.

4. Post lots of pictures on your profile. You will want to demonstrate that you have a social life out there and that you’re a normal person, and pictures are cool visual evidence to prove that.

5. Send out plenty of messages. Do well to “cast your net” with lots of local women or men by sending out a healthy amount of messages. Please remember never to spam – it’s not really all that more effective than writing new messages to each person.6. Make your life sound interesting. Be subtle not to brag while doing this. In your online dating profile, you have to recognize what makes yourself interesting, and then communicate it.

7. Have personal standards. Since you’re looking for something serious, then this is very important. If you don’t like smokers, ensure you make it known up front. Please don’t make exceptions, just because you want to increase your amount of dates.

8. Be casual (For men). It’s sometimes tempting to get all fancy online, but casually ask for her phone number. And when you call, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

9. Move things to the next level. Don’t just exchange e-mails or phone numbers, keep the interaction moving forward toward a date.

10. Look out for dishonesty. You definitely don’t want to hang out with dishonest people you met over the Internet right? No way! Nobody else does.

All of these bits of advice for online dating success can be summed up really easily, which makes remembering them easier: just be yourself!
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