Interested in foreign woman

Gender Male
Age 61
Country United States of America
City Carpentersville
Distance 6,130 Miles
Status Offline

I am confident life still has a lot to offer and a lot for me. I am also a man of simple pleasures and 
don’t waste time thinking about what could, would, or should have been and I also believe the past is 
the past as long as we learn from it. I am most proud of my two adult sons who I raised on my own 
after my divorce, now I have the joy of a grandson and twins on the way. I am not very materialistic 
because when I was at my highest material value I was the most miserable I have ever been in my 
life, and now I am the happiest because I discovered the things most valuable in life cannot be 
purchased. What more beauty can you find in a smile or a bright sunny day? 
I am honest enough with myself to know many do not even read profiles and strictly judge based on 
the photos posted, so I don’t expect to be every woman’s perfect ideal of what she seeks here. It is 
my experience what many want/don’t want is based on what they found bad in the people of failed 
relationships. I accept I was equally to blame for those failed relationships because I either did not 
know what I wanted or I ignored things I should not have. I believe most people are good and well 
meaning, it’s knowing who we match best with that is the challenge. I find what most of us list we 
seek is rarely who is our best match. 
Country United States of America
State/Province Illinois
distance: 6,130 Miles
Address Carpentersville, IL 60110, United States

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