Life is all about chances, if you like what you have read, take a chance.

Gender Male
Age 56
Country United States of America
City Columbus
Distance 5,926 Miles
Status Offline

I’ve worked so hard at getting where I am with my career that when I stopped, took a breath and looked back, I realized I had forgotten one very important thing – someone to share it all with. I’m looking for my best friend, my soul mate, my lover and the person I want to grow old with. I know you’re out there. I can hear you breathing.

If you’re into long lingering talks over coffee, I’m your man. If you enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors, I’m your man. If you feel just as comfortable in jeans as you do a suit and tie, you’re the one for me.i love animals and your dog is cute, Do you have a wicked sense of humor? I do. Are you eager to learn new things and see the world with different eyes? I am. Are you looking for someone to walk beside you, hold your hand, tell you when you’re brilliant and tell you when you’re a bonehead? I am. Are you looking for someone to make you laugh until soda comes out of your nose? Yep, I’m looking for that too. I’ve been way to serious for way too long. So if you’re looking for a companion, a friend, a lover, a soul mate, drop me a line. I’ve been looking for you too.

Country United States of America
State/Province Georgia
distance: 5,926 Miles
Address Columbus, GA, United States

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