Yes He is Me

Gender Male
Age 45
Country Turkey
Distance 3,364 Miles
Status Offline

SEEKING FOR MARRIAGE in USA! I am a modest, hot, peaceful, kind, outgoing, calm, open-minded man who knows how to enjoy life. A man who has no secrets and mysteries in his past, present and future. My occupational is graphic design and crafts. I have a creative and artistic personality. I only need your love and support for living happily.  I believe that there is a special person out there who will love and appreciate me for who I am….not who I’ve been. A man who appreciates kindness, respect, attention, affection, and honesty. I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are. My flaw is impatient about love and happiness.
I would do anything to make my friends and family happy and secure. I tend to be an affectionate person and like to be close. 

Important note: PLEASE KEEP READING! I am looking for a wife from who is from the USA. Citizen or immigrant doesn’t matter! Most important thing is to be a good and honest person. I have to add these: PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME if who wants only chat friendship or childish games. PLEASE DONT SEND ME MESSAGE if who is not from the USA! (excuse me because I willing to relocate live in the USA) PLEASE Fake profiles, stay away from me.

Country Turkey
State/Province Istanbul
distance: 3,364 Miles
Address Istanbul, Turkey

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