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Gender Female
Age 35
Distance 3,569 Miles
Status Offline

     I am a woman who is independent who walks a simple life and is down to earth, I enjoy a time for me (my space) which we all need. I feel I am a friendly, thoughtful and giving woman. I have a good upbringing with integrity and morals. A woman who does not mind to be helpful to others in time of need. I like different kinds of music, enjoy to read when I am in the mood and spend some time with my parents too. I am more of a giver from my heart then a taker, I love animals. I enjoy a walk in nature to smelling the flowers in a garden and listening to the rain. I enjoy company with a glass of wine and at the same time to cuddle in a mans arms when its cold  outside. I am a romantic woman searching for love. I am a woman who loves to look into a mans eyes because a persons eyes are the soul to the mind and heart. I am just a simple woman who takes life as it comes and try not to sweat the small stuff. I enjoy the tranquility in life, I am not seeking gold or silver but a woman who walks away from material things and put’s my mind to the important things like life and love to cherish with a man whom I put my heart and hands in God for him to choose the right man for me.

distance: 3,569 Miles
Address Enfield, United Kingdom

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