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How About Having A Lunch Together

Gender Male
Age 57
Status Offline

What about me? Well, I’m a mass of contradictions.  I’m 1/2 French (my Father immigrated at age 8 speaking no English) and my Mother was from West Texas, where I was born.  I’m part scientist and part artist.  I’m a Mechanical engineer in oil and gas industry.  I have also studied music formally and have played guitar for 26 years–classical guitar and electric guitar and I practice.  My best friend describes me as “Someone with a good sense of humor, intelligent, responsible, stable psychologically and financially, excellent health, enjoys the outdoors, loves to travel, animal lover, enjoys dancing and live music.”

I’m a very consistent and reliable person.  I always liked the Marine Corps’ motto of “Semper Fidelis.  It means, “Always Faithful.”  I am a person you can always count on. If I say I’m going to do something for you, you can count on that like the Sun coming up in the morning.  I value my freedom and I believe if you want to be free, you must first let other people be free.

I’m just looking for an independent, intelligent, emotionally healthy, fun-loving woman who wants a good, faithful guy who will treat her like a queen and make her a priority in his life. I’m very independent and like a woman with the same quality. I am not controlling! Who knows, maybe you’re the one?

The fine print: If you are looking for a soft, effeminate, metro-sexual, liberal guy, please move on. I’m a Native Texan who was born in Amarillo. I’m a regular guy who’s not afraid of hard work. I’m more country than city and a DIY’er who is good at working with his hands. Also, I am 56, but I look at least 10 years younger than I am. I weigh 160 lbs, have no lines in my face, and my doctor says I am in remarkable physical condition for my age. I eat a healthy diet, run every day, and lift free weights. ‘Nuff said? Thanks for dropping by and reading my profile!


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